SA-SIGNATURE far infrared sauna

SA-Sauna: What Makes Far Infrared Saunas So Great

In case it wasn’t obvious, we love Far Infrared Saunas. In fact, we are incredibly passionate about what they can do and the details that have gone into them. They are the most effective infrared saunas available in South Africa. Plus, they have even been doctor recommended.   SOLACARBON FAR INFRARED THERAPY SA-Signature’s far infrared…


SA-Sauna: Launch Of The Dedakj Oxygen Concentrator in South Africa

We’re proud to introduce you to the newest addition to the SA-Sauna family, the Dedakj Oxygen Concentrator. With this amazing product, you can enjoy 30-90% cleaner air. It’s time to take a deep breath because this is a game changer.   This machine is a portable intelligent home air purifier which is now available in…

Ozone Steam Sauna Capsule

SA-Sauna: Ozone & Steam Sauna Capsule Available in South Africa

At SA-Sauna, we offer a wide selection of far-infrared and hot stone saunas, as well as our Ozone and Steam Capsule. Using a combination of “activated oxygen” and steam, the benefits of ozone therapy really are second to none. Ozone Sauna Therapy is an important part of any detoxification program. The treatment promotes healthy skin…

SA-Sauna South Africa - benefits of saunas
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Benefits of Saunas in South Africa

Saunas are no longer just a luxury item in South Africa. With so many health and wellness benefits, it’s the perfect addition to your home or business. We at SA-Saunas have broken down our top 6 benefits for you. It’s time to stop second guessing yourself and instead, put yourself first! Your mind and body…