We’re proud to introduce you to the newest addition to the SA-Sauna family, the Dedakj Oxygen Concentrator. With this amazing product, you can enjoy 30-90% cleaner air. It’s time to take a deep breath because this is a game changer.


This machine is a portable intelligent home air purifier which is now available in South Africa. It delivers a steady stream of up to 90% pure oxygen using normal air. With a multi-layer filter purifying the air, you are guaranteed to breathe easy.


The Dedakj Oxygen Concentrator offers many health benefits. It helps with respiratory system diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases and plateau hypoxia. It has also been known to assist with other respiratory issues experienced in the following group of people:

  • Middle-aged people, as well as elderly people
  • Pregnant women
  • Students engaged in mental work for a long time
  • People engaged in underground or confined space operations
  • People exhausted from exercise and lack of oxygen

With so many features, you know you’re getting the very best from SA-Sauna.


  • 1-7l Adjustable Flow
  • 93% High Concentration
  • German Pure Copper Oil-Free Compressor
  • 48 Hour Continuous Oxygen
  • 20m Remote Control
  • HD LED Display
  • Overheated Protection

We can’t recommend this product enough. Contact us today, because we care about the air you breathe.


We have partnered with The Miracle Meal in helping local communities and churches.
Visit www.themiraclemeal.com/rsa to find out more.