More and more people are choosing to buy infrared saunas for their homes.

SA-Signature Far Infrared Saunas from SA-Sauna­ are the most effective far infrared saunas available. Using Solacarbon heat as the active ingredient, SA-Signature offers the maximum therapeutic results. Solacarbon is the only heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.




SA-Signature’s assembly process maintains the integrity of the sauna while allowing you to easily snap together walls for simple set up and take down. As the sauna naturally expands and contracts during use, the seal adapts to prevent cracks and warping for prolonged cabinetry. This, while keeping the heat in and the cool air out. It is as strong and durable as clips, buckles or screws, but invisible to the naked eye.


The infrared energy may exceed up to 2-3 times the sweat volume of a hot air sauna while operating at a significantly cooler air temperature range of 40° – 60° C vs. 70° – 90°C for hot air saunas. The lower heat range is safer for those concerned about cardiovascular risk factors.


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