Saunas have become a very normal part of a post workout routine or even a leisurely activity to sweat the bad stuff, but this isn’t quite where it all started. And although they started out as a pit with a fireplace where stones were heated in Finland, they have since turned into a must-have household item throughout the world. Plus, they are no longer only used in colder environments to create heat. These are used recreationally across South Africa and the world. Let’s look at the history of the sauna, and why we love them so much today.


The Story Of The Sauna:

During the Industrial Revolution, advances were made to saunas so that they weren’t remade every time one was needed. Instead, they became permanent structures that made use of a metal wood stove and a chimney. Once people started migrating away from Finland, further advancements were made that allowed for the invention of the electric sauna stove. This was introduced in 1938.


Saunas were quickly adopted by many Baltic countries which included Scandinavia and Germany. It was even a prominent part of the First World War. Tents and bunkers all had saunas for the soldiers to make use of. Since then however, saunas have been reinvented to what we know them to be today.


Today, almost every household in Finland has a built-in sauna, with Tampere being called the “Sauna Capital of the World”. With so much design and creativity, we understand why this invention has stuck around over the years. We’re proud to be part of this rich history and share our portable, infrared and hot rock steam saunas with the world.


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