If you haven’t been glued to your screens for a week watching The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, where have you been? So far, there have been multiple events and medals that have been won. But, there’s still so much to come. Our advice is to get stuck in! And let’s cheer on South Africa as they continue to compete in an array of sports over the next few days.


While it may be entertaining for us to watch these legends compete, it’s important to remember that this is sometimes incredibly difficult on their bodies. And their mental health. In fact, USA Gymnastics GOAT (Simone Biles) actually withdrew from multiple events this week to protect her mental health. After winning 4 gold Olympic medals over the last few years, the pressure to win was just far too much. In a statement she actually said that there was a lot of weight on her shoulders this year. In a brave step, she chose her well-being over winning and potentially hurting herself.

How many more athletes push themselves beyond their breaking point? How many feel like they have the weight of their country on their shoulders?

Taking a moment to relax, regroup and reframe your mind is sometimes necessary. That is why the ultimate game-changer is the sauna. Just 15-20 minutes not only heals the pain of your body, but it can set your mind right again too. It’s the little things that can make the world of difference for your health.


Whether you’re an Olympian in training or you’re also ready to set your mind right with one of our saunas, contact us today.


To our fellow South African’s competing in Tokyo over the next week, we continue to wish you well. Look after yourselves and remember to take time to relax. Your country is proud of you.