At SA-Sauna, our favourite post-sauna ritual is a nice cool swim in the pool or the ocean. But what does this do to your body? And is it even good for you? Keep reading to find out more.


When you combine a sauna with ice right after or a plunge in a pool, this gives your immune system a jolt. The immune system reaction comes from the fact that the body core temperatures increases by 1.5 degrees when you go through a sauna. This stimulates the immune system in a very natural way to fight and kill pathogens, without the use of any antibiotics, medications, or anything else.

That means that you are naturally healing your body or boosting your immune system by simply enjoying time in the sauna and the pool.


With summer right here, it means we can spend way more time in the pool. So why not use this time to look after your health at the same time, and enjoy 15-20 minutes in your far infrared sauna before diving right in.


At SA-Sauna, we have a wide range of sauna options available to you. Whether you want a far infrared sauna, a hot stone sauna or maybe a portable sauna tent, we have it all.


Contact our team today to find out more about sauna range. Being hot and cold this summer might be exactly what your body needs.


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