You may have heard the term “exercise is medicine” but new research has shown that saunas are medicine too. Curious about why?


Did you know that almost 25% of adults do not meet the minimum recommended physical activity levels required to live a healthy life? And with modern life being as busy as it is, it’s understandable. Finding time to exercise is a hack, but then so is the physical exercise itself. Very few people LOVE exercise, but it’s done for the health of our hearts and to help fight disease.


What if we told you that regular sauna use can help strengthen your heart and mimic the health benefits that exercise brings? While it shouldn’t be used to replace exercise completely, it could be the thing to make getting healthy far more enjoyable.


For a list of the health benefits that saunas bring, read our post here. With so many advantages to using saunas, it’s time to make this a standard part of your lifestyle. After all, who really wants to run 5 times a week?! Instead, get your sweat on without having to break a sweat yourself.


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