If you’re wondering if you can lose weight from using an SA-Sauna, whether infrared or hot rock, the short answer is yes! And the best part? You don’t have to do any heavy lifting or hard work. Simply relax and enjoy while your body sheds those calories.


But how does this even work? Sweating as much as possible actually helps to purify the body of any toxins and viruses. Plus, the high dry heat from using a hot rock sauna is so good for the cells in your body, especially those just under the surface of the skin.


As your body’s temperature increases, your sweat glands and oil glands work to release oil and fat-soluble toxins. And the more sweating you do, the more calories you shed too.


The Journal of the American Medical Association shared that you can sweat off about 500 grams in a sauna while burning up to 300 calories, which is sometimes the equivalent of running 2 miles (over 3km).


The Journal went on to state that while, yes, the water weight is regained once you rehydrate, the calories that you consumed in the sauna are not. If that isn’t a sure good reason to get sweating with the least amount of work, then we don’t know what is!


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