If you are contemplating whether to buy a sauna or not, there are so many reasons why you should. Saunas offer so many great health and wellness benefits. And with SA-Sauna, you can also benefit from a well-constructed and beautiful sauna. One that completely compliments the look and feel of your home.


Sauna therapy is a thermal therapy that has been recognised throughout history. It is a viable means of relaxing and cleansing the body, improving overall health, as well as promoting a sense of wellbeing.


From Finland to India to North America, medical professionals recommend saunas as a safe and effective adjunctive therapy for detoxification. It is a practical means of stimulating the release of non-essential or toxic trace metals such as nickel, cadmium, and lead through sweat.


The therapeutic rationale for using sauna therapy is that overheating the body stimulates metabolism as well as inhibits the growth of bacteria. Plus, it increases the ability of all vital organs, and increases the capacity of the skin to eliminate. By inducing an artificial fever, it also detoxifies and cleanses via profuse sweating. This is definitely a reason to buy a sauna.


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