Bloom into a new you with our infrared sauna solutions at SA-Sauna. Now you can shed the old and detoxify in sauna luxury with our SA-Signature range. With so many health benefits, you can do some “spring-cleaning” with all the bad stuff in your body and start fresh. It only takes 20 minutes to feel brand new in our infrared saunas. Check out these health benefits to help you say yes to the new with SA-Sauna.


  1. Saunas create better exercise performance
  2. They bring relief to any skin conditions
  3. It creates a positive impact on the health of your heart
  4. They provide a lowered risk of stroke
  5. Saunas provide fewer symptoms of asthma
  6. Studies have shown that they even provide a lower risk of dementia


To find out more about our full range of sauna products, contact our team today. At SA-Sauna, we specialise in far infrared saunas, hot stone saunas and more. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you start fresh this season.


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